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Monthly Archives: November 2021


Why You Need An Attorney For A Removal Proceeding

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

Removal proceedings are usually held after an alien commits certain violations or crimes. For instance, if an alien enters the U.S. illegally or commits certain offenses repeatedly, a removal proceeding may be deemed necessary. Usually, such proceedings are held before an immigration judge. Also, removal proceedings may involve the participation of other people, such… Read More »

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Can A New York Driver Refuse To Take A Field Sobriety Test?

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

In the state of New York, there is a law known as an “implied consent law.” According to this law, once you get a driver’s license and begin driving on New York roads, you automatically consent to take a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol content when requested to take one. Refusing to… Read More »

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Drug Possession In New York: Difference Between Actual And Constructive Possession

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

New York has very tough drug laws. When it comes to drug possession crimes, for instance, for you to be charged and prosecuted in New York, the drugs the police claim you possessed don’t have to have been found on your “person.” This is because New York drug laws allow prosecutors to push forward… Read More »

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Disorderly Conduct In New York

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

Disorderly conduct is a term used for various offenses that do not result in a criminal record. Offenses that constitute disorderly conduct are usually punishable by minor penalties. In the U.S., disorderly conduct laws differ from State to State. Because of the different rules, what constitutes disorderly conduct in one State might not constitute… Read More »

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Some Crucial Information About Ignition Interlock Devices In New York

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

Among the many strategies that the government is using to keep drunk drivers off the road is requiring drivers found guilty of DUI to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in any vehicle they own or use. In simple words, an IID is a breathalyzer that connects to your vehicle’s ignition system and will… Read More »

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Threatening To Report Someone To ICE Is Now Illegal In New York

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

On October 9, 2021, Legislation (S.343-A/A.3412-A), which was signed by Governor Kathy Hochul, gives an immigrant or any individual the right to report to the authorities once threatened with being reported to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The legislation classifies certain threats to report an individual’s immigration status as coercion or extortion. Before… Read More »

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Some Crucial Information On The Implied Consent Law

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

According to the CDC, approximately 29 people die in the United States every day in motor vehicle crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver. This means that one person dies every fifty minutes. With such many drunk-driving-related deaths happening daily, it is no wonder DUI is a very serious charge in the nation. If convicted of… Read More »

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A New York State Employee Arrested After Leaving Cocaine At Work

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

Tejuan D. Carter, a 44-year-old man from Albany, New York, who works with the Department of Taxation and Finance, was on October 25 arrested and accused of dropping cocaine while he was leaving his workplace. According to NEWS10 ABC, Tejuan’s arrest came after State Police responded to a call at the Harriman State Campus… Read More »

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