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Some Crucial Information About Ignition Interlock Devices In New York


Among the many strategies that the government is using to keep drunk drivers off the road is requiring drivers found guilty of DUI to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in any vehicle they own or use. In simple words, an IID is a breathalyzer that connects to your vehicle’s ignition system and will not let you start your vehicle until you pass the test.

If a judge has asked you to install an Ignition Interlock Device, you probably have many questions. Below are some frequently asked questions about Ignition Interlock Devices in New York.

Where Can I Find an IID Vendor?

After you are found guilty of driving under the influence, a monitor will be allocated to you to ensure you install and comply with the IID. Your monitor, be it the District Attorney’s Office, probation department, or STOP DWI program, will give you a list of approved vendors that can install the IID for you. Alternatively, you can find a list of approved IID manufacturers or vendors on the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services website.

Does My Spouse Also Need To Get an IID If I Was Ordered To Install One?

Not necessarily. Generally, if your spouse’s car is not under your name, or you don’t drive your spouse’s car, they don’t have to install an Ignition Interlock Device. However, in such a situation, you might be required to provide the court with a written affidavit stating that your spouse won’t allow you to drive their vehicle.

What If I Drive Without Installing an IID After Getting My Court Order?

You could lose all your driving privileges if you drive without installing an IID after being asked to install one. Driving without an IID against a court order can also lead to you spending up to one year in jail. Additionally, it is crucial for you to note that if someone helps you to drive without a court-ordered IID, they too risk spending up to one year in jail.

Can Another Person Drive My Car if It Has an IID?

Yes, any person legally allowed to drive can drive your car even after you install an IID. However, they will also need to blow into the device the same way you do. So, before you allow anyone to drive your IID-equipped car, make sure you train them on the proper use of the device. If a person blows into the IID in the wrong manner or if they blow into the IID with alcohol on their breath, your car will go into a lock-out mode. If, for example, a driver fails a number of breath tests or skips some rolling tests, your car could go into a permanent lock-out mode.

Can an IID Be Removed Early?

If you have been asked to install an IID in the vehicles you own or use, most likely, you are required to have the IID for at least twelve months. Fortunately, after six months, you can petition the court to have the period reduced. If you have been on your best behavior, chances are, the judge will grant you your request.

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