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NYC Money Laundering Attorney

There are few crimes as complicated as money laundering offenses. Many believe it is a “simple” white-collar crime that could result, at worst, in the defendant being sentenced to serve time in a “Club Fed” style minimum-security prison camp. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Money laundering offenses are often coupled with other serious charges such as fraud and narcotics trafficking. If you are charged with money laundering, you need outstanding legal representation from an aggressive, experienced NYC money laundering attorney like Mark I. Cohen who has handled numerous money laundering cases in the United States and New York States Courts.

What is money laundering?

Money laundering occurs when someone or some entity receives money from any illegal source and then uses it in any transaction(s) in a manner designed to conceal the true illegal nature of the transaction(s). Money laundering often occurs when narcotics are trafficked, from racketeering efforts, and from fraudulent activities.

Any transaction intentionally planned and designed to cleanse illegally obtained funds is a violation of the law. It does not matter if you knew of the specific nature of the crime committed to generate those funds. If a prosecutor can prove you were aware the funds came from criminal activities, then you could be convicted of money laundering.

It is common for law enforcement agencies to uncover money laundering operations designed to conceal the origin of the money. Frequently, this happens when a legitimate business accepts money that has been illegally obtained, then falsifies records to account for the origin of the money to then be used “legally”. Sometimes businesses, such as restaurants, are created or used as “fronts” that are prosecuted for money laundering charges.

What makes money laundering such a dangerous charge?

Typically, money laundering charges are brought as conspiracies to commit the crime on multiple occasions. In addition, you can be charged with a new count of money laundering for each transaction knowingly conducted with criminally obtained funds. This means if you engaged in one banking transaction per day for one month, you could charged with as many as 30 counts of money laundering.

Money laundering is often linked to other charges. For example, if you are charged with embezzlement, bank fraud or narcotics distribution, authorities may charge counts of money laundering as well. Money laundering may be charged as a federal or New York State offense, each of which carry harsh penalties. Because money laundering is a complex crime, investigations are typically conducted by those with forensic accounting and tax backgrounds such as the IRS, Secret Service and FBI. You will need an experienced defense attorney like Mark I. Cohen to defend you.

What are the penalties for money laundering?

Though it is not classified as a violent crime, money laundering is one of the most serious charges you can ever face. Every count of conspiracy to commit or money laundering that may be charged can lead to years of imprisonment, substantial fines and asset forfeiture. Penalties in the New York State Penal Code and in the United States Code are both substantial.

How does one defend against a money laundering charge?

Generally, prosecutors must prove a number of facts when they charge a person or business with money laundering. They must demonstrate that the money came from a criminal source and the person or business knew that the source was illegal. They must prove that a transaction took place which moved the money between a criminal enterprise to a legitimate or apparently legitimate enterprise. The prosecutor must also prove that the defendant was knowingly attempting to conceal the criminal origins of the money and that the defendant did use the money to conduct a seemingly legitimate one.

As your defense attorney, Mark I. Cohen will fight to test the prosecution’s ability to prove money laundering allegations. As a criminal defense specialist with over 32 years of experience in the legal profession, Mr. Cohen has the experience you need to give you the best chance of avoiding a money laundering conviction. Mark I. Cohen has the well-honed skills to defend against any charges you may be facing together with money laundering charges, including bank fraud, wire fraud, embezzlement and narcotics charges.

For expert criminal defense services, call Mark I. Cohen now if you have been charged with NYC money laundering or believe you are under investigation for money laundering.

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"As Mark Cohen, a defense lawyer who has tried cases throughout the city and was a prosecutor in the Bronx, pointed out, there is a saying among defense lawyers in New York." – As provided in the New York Times City Room Blog.

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