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NYC Narcotics Crime Attorney

Mr. Cohen has defended both United States and New York State narcotics offenses since 1990. There is no room for error when you are a facing a drug charge.

A conviction for a drug charge can have serious long lasting effects on your rights. Narcotics convictions can lead to the mandatory revocation of your driving privilege/license, the loss of housing and other benefits. If you are not a citizen of the United States, a drug conviction can lead to your deportation from the United States. You need an experienced NYC narcotics defense attorney who is ready to fight hard for your freedom and civil rights. Remember, even a small misdemeanor possession charge can have lifelong effects. Mr. Cohen handles cases from simple drug possession to international trafficking offenses.

Mr. Cohen also has vast experience in navigating complex bail laws in narcotics cases. Often, judges set bail source hearings as a precondition to the release of a person charged with a narcotics crime. This restriction makes it very difficult to be released on bail in a drug case. Mark I. Cohen will help you navigate complex narcotics bail laws. Mark I. Cohen has worked both as a prosecuting and defense attorney for over 32 years. He knows the strategies that the prosecution will rely on to provide you with the best legal defense in New York City

New York State and United States Narcotics Prosecutions

Almost all drug arrests can be prosecuted in New York State and/or the federal courts.

  • Possession charges emanate from drugs found on your person, in your home, or in your vehicle

In both New York and United States law, the classification of a narcotics offense depends on two factors:

  • The type of drug involved
  • The quantity of drugs found in your possession.

Prosecutors charge as many narcotics offenses as the law will permit. In large scale New York State cases, in addition to charging a count of Criminal Possession of a Control Substance in the First Degree (P.L. § 220.21) that carries an 8 year minimum of incarceration, prosecutors often bring Major Trafficker charges (P.L.§ 220.77). This charge carries a 15 year to life minimum term of incarceration. Also, if you are found with both heroin and the needle used to inject it, you could be charged with both criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument. Furthermore, if you have been arrested with multiple packages of drugs, you can be charged with a distribution offense despite the fact that you purchased them for personal use.

The consequences for any narcotics conviction can be grave even when charged with a misdemeanor or low level felony offense. For example, authorities may seize and impound your car if they can prove it was involved in any narcotics transaction. A drug offense will remain on your permanent record for years, causing problems obtaining employment or housing.

You can go to jail or prison—even if you are convicted of a misdemeanor or low level felony crime.

Narcotics offenses can be prosecuted in New York State or in United States Courts

Whether the case is brought in federal or New York State court is a decision based upon a host of factors including which law enforcement agency investigated the case and on agreements between the state and federal prosecutors. Frequently, this decision is based upon which jurisdiction’s penalties are the most severe.

Whether your case is classified as a federal offense or New York State case, it is crucial to your future to hire Mark I. Cohen, an experienced defense lawyer.

Does it matter if this is my first narcotics offense?

You cannot assume that as a first offender you will automatically win your case or stay out of prison. Similarly, second offenders are often punished more severely than necessary because of a prior contact with law enforcement.

You deserve the best defense attorney you can possibly hire. Mr. Cohen’s reputation as a knowledgeable and aggressive defense lawyer will place you on equal footing with the prosecution before the presiding judge.

How does one defend against a narcotics charge?

Mr. Cohen will always attempt to arrange for a non-criminal resolution of your case. If it is not possible to win an acquittal after trial or negotiate a non-criminal record by plea bargain, Mr. Cohen will use his widely recognized negotiations skills to arrange for the most reasonable record and punishment possible. Mark I. Cohen has successfully demonstrated to courts that law enforcement engaged in illegal search and seizure tactics, engaged in entrapment, or other corrupt or incompetent behavior. Mr. Cohen has successfully undermined the credibility of various witnesses, including cooperators called to testify against you to meet the conditions of their own law enforcement deal.

Every drug case is different. Some cases may be resolved by entry into drug treatment while others must be adjudicated by traditional litigation. If you have been arrested for a narcotics offense or believe you are under investigation, contact experienced NYC narcotics defense attorney Mark I. Cohen.

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"... Mr. Cohen's effort... in everything he has done before the Court, is A-Plus... [R]ecently, in another case... [before me], the result he achieved for his client... was quite impressive." Honorable Kenneth M. Karas, United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York.


"So I have very sophisticated counsel here and, Mr. Cohen, [your client] is very fortunate in having you as his attorney, and I hope he appreciates that." – Quote from the Honorable Denise L. Cote, United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York.


"As Mark Cohen, a defense lawyer who has tried cases throughout the city and was a prosecutor in the Bronx, pointed out, there is a saying among defense lawyers in New York." – As provided in the New York Times City Room Blog.

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