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Monthly Archives: August 2021


Are You An NYC Employee, Freelancer, Or Independent Contractor With A Criminal History? Here’s Some Crucial Information For You

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

In case you, as a New York City employee, freelancer, or independent contractor with a criminal history, still don’t know, the city’s Fair Chance Act (FCA) now protects employees, freelancers, and independent contractors with criminal records. The Fair Chance Act is an Act that prohibits employers from ruling out a job applicant based on… Read More »

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3 Potential Ways Of Challenging The Reliability Of Breathalyzer Test Results

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

In New York, the implied consent law states that any individual who operates any motorized automobile or machine in the state consents to a chemical test. So, when stopped by a law enforcement officer on suspicion of drunk driving, you are expected by law to submit to saliva, urine, blood, or breath test for… Read More »

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Parole Vs. Probation: Understanding The Difference Between The Two

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

When a person gets into legal trouble, they can face several consequences depending on the specifics of their case. Two possible legal penalties that you may face if convicted of a crime are parole and probation. The terms “parole” and “probation” are often used interchangeably in conversations, but there is a huge difference between… Read More »

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Two Men Who Spent More Than Three Decades In Prison For Separate Crimes Finally Freed

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

According to The New York Times, two men were recently set free after it was determined in separate cases that they were unjustly convicted on different counts. The two men had been wrongly convicted for murder more than thirty years ago. One murder occurred in 1989 in Queens and the other in 1990 on… Read More »

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Understanding The Grand Jury System: 6 FAQs

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

In the U.S., both federal and state courts use grand juries during a criminal prosecution. But not many people understand the role of grand juries in the criminal justice system. Grand juries play a very critical role in the criminal justice system. So, you need to understand precisely how grand juries work and where… Read More »

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Computer Crimes: NY Penal Law 156

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

Unlike other crimes like burglary and assault, computer crimes are rarely heard in New York criminal news. But such crimes do exist, and New York prosecutors are quite vigilant when it comes to finding and holding accountable individuals involved in computer crimes. Because of this, you need to understand the laws governing computer crimes… Read More »

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New York Police Department Announces Citywide Crime Statistics For June 2021

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

The New York Police Department, famously known as NYPD, is the main law enforcement agency within New York. Since its establishment in 1845, the NYPD has worked in partnership with the community to enforce the law, protect the people, preserve peace, reduce fear, and maintain order. NYPD’S vision is to foster a safe and… Read More »

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4 Strong Defenses To New York Drug Possession Charges

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

A drug possession conviction in New York can adversely affect your life. Some of the potential consequences of a drug possession crime in the state of New York include hefty fines, job loss, jail time, and many more. If convicted of drug possession in the seventh degree, for example, you could end up facing… Read More »

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