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What To Do if You Are Accused of Drug Trafficking


Drug crimes are taken very seriously in the United States of America. Being accused of any drug crime is a serious thing. However, some drug crimes carry potential penalties that are more severe than others. A drug trafficking charge is one of the types of drug charges that can have very serious consequences. In New York, drug trafficking charges are prosecuted as felonies. Felonies are the most serious category of criminal charges. Individuals charged with drug trafficking in New York risk facing substantial prison sentences. In addition to imprisonment, a drug trafficking conviction can result in significant fines. A drug trafficking operation is charged as a state crime if it occurs in one state. If a drug trafficking charge occurs across state borders, such a crime is charged at the federal level. Federal drug trafficking charges can result in more severe penalties compared to state drug trafficking charges.

When a person is charged with drug trafficking, it is crucial that they know what to do to protect their rights and ensure the best possible outcome. Below, we share some steps to take if you are accused of drug trafficking.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Before going into the steps to take if accused of drug trafficking, it is important to understand what this crime entails. Drug trafficking generally entails the unlawful sale, transportation, importation, and distribution of controlled substances. Controlled substances are drugs that are regulated by law due to their potential for abuse, dependence, and addiction. These substances are categorized into different schedules based on their generally accepted medicinal use and risks for addiction and/or abuse. In the U.S., drugs that are considered controlled substances are divided into five schedules (Schedule I, II, III, IV, and V).

Steps To Take if You Are Accused of Drug Trafficking

If you are accused of drug trafficking, the following are some essential steps to take to protect your rights and increase your chances of recovering the best possible outcome;

Stay Calm

It can be shocking and scary to be accused of drug trafficking. However, it is vital to remain calm. Don’t make any statements to the police or anyone else without consulting an attorney. Whatever you say can be used against you. It is best to exercise your right to remain silent.

Retain an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with drug trafficking, one of the most vital things you should do is retain a criminal defense attorney who specializes in drug-related cases. An experienced attorney can advise you on your rights and formulate a strong defense strategy. Some possible defenses for drug trafficking charges include unreasonable search and seizure, entrapment, lack of intent, and lack of knowledge.

Cooperate With Law Enforcement and Your Attorney

While it is important to exercise your right to remain silent, you need to cooperate with law enforcement. This includes complying with lawful requests like providing necessary identification. It is also vital to cooperate with your attorney. Your attorney relies on your cooperation to build a strong case.

Contact an NYC Criminal Defense Attorney

Time is of the essence if you are facing allegations of drug trafficking. Contact our qualified NYC criminal defense attorney, Mark I. Cohen, today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.

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