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Understanding The DUI Police Report


When a person is arrested for a crime, the police write a report. It is no different in the case of a DUI arrest. It is crucial that you understand what information is contained in a DUI police report and the facts about DUI police reports. A DUI police report generally contains all the necessary information about your arrest and the accusations against you. Below, we go into the specifics of what is in a DUI police report. We also debunk some common myths about DUI police reports.

Details That Can Be Found in a DUI Police Report

The information that can be found in a DUI police report is dependent on the facts of the case. No two DUI police reports contain the same exact information. However, the following are some of the details you can find in a DUI police report;

  • Reasons why the police stopped you – The police are not allowed to stop you without justification or for whatever reason. For a police officer to stop you, they must have a valid reason. So you are bound to find an explanation of why you were pulled over in a DUI police report. For example, the report might indicate that the police stopped you because you were speeding.
  • Probable cause for your arrest – The police cannot arrest you for DUI without probable cause. Some things that you may find in a DUI police report that support probable cause include the field sobriety test performance, breath test results, and an officer’s observations during the investigation.
  • The police officer’s details – In a DUI police report, you will find the name and badge number of the officer who conducted preliminary investigations and prepared the report.

It is crucial to note that a DUI police report can contain more than one narrative of the event. This situation can arise when more than one officer is involved in a DUI arrest.

Some Common Myths About DUI Police Reports You Should Avoid Falling For

There are a lot of myths about DUI police reports you need to avoid falling for. Below are some of these myths.

You Cannot Review the DUI Police Report

Indeed, it can take days or even weeks to get a copy of a DUI police report, but you can request and review a copy of the final report when it is ready. Different places may have different procedures for requesting police reports, so check with the department that arrested you to see how to go about obtaining a copy of the police report associated with your case. An attorney can also help you get a copy of a DUI police report.

DUI Police Reports Always Accurately Present Facts

This is not entirely true. Sometimes the “facts” described within a DUI police report may fall short of the truth. Sometimes, the “facts” described in a DUI police report do not present the whole picture. For example, a DUI police report may fail to include some element of the stop.

You Cannot Refute the Details in a DUI Police Report

There are several ways to refute the details in a DUI police report. For instance, witness statements can help you refute the information in a DUI police report.

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