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Steps To Take After Your Child Is Arrested


After you receive a call from the police or your child informing you that your child has been arrested, you may feel angry and confused. You may not know what to do after the police arrest your child. This article shares the steps to take after your child is arrested.

Step #1: Remain Calm

The first thing you need to do if your child has been arrested is to stay calm. It is understandable to feel angry and concerned, but you need to keep your composure. You need to remain calm to be able to effectively handle the situation. Do not confront the police or rush to judge your child or the police.

Step #2: Find Out What Is Happening

After learning that your child has been arrested, you should go to the police station immediately to find out what is happening. Head down to the police station to learn everything you can about why your child was arrested.

Step #3: Hire a Lawyer

It is crucial that you avoid acting as an attorney after your child is arrested. After all, your child has the right to legal counsel. Whether or not the police have already charged your child, hire a criminal defense attorney. Ensure you retain an attorney with experience representing juveniles because while the adult and juvenile criminal systems have some similarities, there are also differences. A qualified defense attorney can, among other things, help you understand your child’s rights and protect them, navigate the legal process, and provide professional legal counsel every step of the way.

Step #4: Understand the Allegations or Charges Against Your Child

After hiring an attorney, make sure you ask them to explain to you the allegations or charges against your child. It is crucial that you understand the crime your child is accused of committing. The allegations or charges against your child determine how the case will proceed.

When asking your child’s defense attorney about the allegations or charges against your child, do not forget to ask them to explain the potential penalties for the crime in question.

Step #5: Provide Your Child’s Attorney With All the Necessary Information

Whatever your child’s lawyer asks for, ensure you provide it to them. If you have any information you think can help your child, give it to the attorney. Your child’s attorney requires as much information as possible to best argue the case. For instance, does your child have a mental health condition that can explain why they acted in a particular manner? Share this information with the attorney as soon as possible.

Step #6: Cooperate With the Authorities

After your child is arrested, it is vital that you not only avoid confronting law enforcement but you also cooperate with them. It is crucial that you respect the legal process. If the police ask you for information, make sure you provide the necessary information. Also, inform your child to cooperate with the police. Failure to cooperate with the police will only make matters worse for your child.

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