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New York Man Arrested And Charged With Hate Crime After He Was Caught On Camera Attacking An Asian-American Woman


One of the incidences that have captured the attention of every New Yorker and many other people across the globe this year is the incidence of the man that attacked a 65-year-old Asian-American woman in Manhattan on Monday 29th March 2021. Brandon Elliot, whose name was revealed later on after the incident, was caught on camera attacking the Asian-American woman outside an apartment building in Manhattan. The woman was seriously injured, that she had to be hospitalized.

Brandon Elliot had been convicted of killing his mother in 2002 when he was 19 and was on parole when he attacked the Asian-American woman. From the video, one can see Brandon kicking the woman and knocking her to the ground. He continues to attack her even after she falls on the ground by stomping on her face. On top of physically attacking the woman, Brandon shouted slurs and told the woman that she did not belong in New York.

Brandon Elliot angered New Yorkers and everyone else who saw the video of him attacking the Asian-American woman or heard about the incident. However, he was not the only one who angered the public. The staff members who can be seen in the video watching the man attack the woman without taking any immediate action also angered New Yorkers and everyone else who saw the video or heard about the attack. People found it hard to imagine how the staff members failed to intervene. Even Mayor Bill de Blasio could not understand why the individuals did not intervene. The mayor called the video disgusting and outrageous and said that the witnesses’ actions were absolutely unacceptable. Because of their actions, the two staff members were fired. The executive director of management at the organization that owns the building where the incident took place told residents that the two staff members were fired for failing to follow the “required emergency and safety protocols.”

Charges and Potential Penalties

According to the police, Brandon Elliot is facing charges of;

  • assault and attempted assault
  • assault as a hate crime
  • attempted assault as a hate crime

If convicted, Brandon Elliot risks spending up to 25 years in jail. On top of that, he will face other consequences related to his parole. It is important to note that people convicted of hate crimes are not only punished for the crimes they commit. People found guilty of committing hate crimes are usually punished for the crimes committed and their intentions for committing the crimes.

Nonetheless, even though it might seem as if Brandon Elliot deserves to be sent to jail directly, The Legal Aid Society, which is representing him, asked the public to avoid judging Elliot until all the facts of the case are presented in court. In a statement to CNN, The Legal Aid Society highlighted the suspect’s right to due process and counsel. All people can do now is wait and see how the case turns out.

If You Are Currently Facing Hate Crime Charges, You Need an Attorney Who Can Help You Protect Your Rights

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