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How To Handle Your Situation If You Were Arrested Yet You Are Innocent


A lot of innocent people are arrested every day. Fortunately, in the United States of America, a suspect is considered innocent until proven guilty, and not the other way round. However, the reality is that, after an innocent person gets arrested, they can end up convicted and sent to prison or made to face other harsh consequences. According to the Innocence Project, approximately one percent of the American prison population consists of innocent people. Considering the American prison population is estimated to stand at around 2.4 million, it means there are about 20,000 innocent people in U.S. prisons. If you have been arrested, it is vital that you understand how to protect yourself. It is crucial that you know how to handle the situation.

How Should You Handle Your Situation if You Were Arrested Yet You Are Innocent?

If you have been arrested, you have everything to worry about even if you are innocent. It is important that you avoid assuming you don’t have anything to worry about. If you assume you have nothing to worry about, you may end up making mistakes that may result in you being convicted. Some of the innocent people in U.S. prisons are there because of mistakes they made after their arrest.

Firstly, some people are behind bars even though they are innocent because they chose to speak to law enforcement officers without first consulting with an attorney. Indeed, depending on your case, talking to an officer may help. But the reality is that the police may not understand what you tell them the way you expect them to. The police might misinterpret what you tell them. Also, the police might fail to believe that you are telling the truth. In a situation where speaking to the police may help you, an experienced attorney can be present with you during your talk with the police. An attorney can speak on your behalf and ensure that the police believe you and don’t misinterpret you. Therefore, if you are thinking of speaking to the police, ensure you speak to an attorney first.

Secondly, some people are behind bars although they are innocent because they did not understand their rights. When the police arrest you and start questioning you, you have the right to refuse answering their questions. You have the right to remain silent. If the police have arrested you and are questioning you, it is best that you avoid answering their questions even if you are innocent. Let the police know that you wish to contact your attorney. If you choose to answer police questions without your attorney present, you may end up saying something that ends up being used against you.

Lastly, it is vital that you avoid panic responses. For example, you should avoid contacting witnesses and talking to them. If you speak to a witness, no matter how innocent the conversation is, it might be seen as witness tampering. Instead of panicking, consult with your attorney and work with them to develop a strategy.

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