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5 Things You Should Do When Pulled Over For DUI In New York


When you get pulled over for DUI, keeping a clear head and knowing the steps to take can be challenging. The police can be intimidating and frightening.

Also, some people have misconceptions about what should be done when you are pulled over for DUI. When pulled over for DUI in New York, you must remember that the steps you take could have either negative or positive consequences. Below are five things to do when you get pulled over for DUI in New York.

Find a Safe Place and Pull Over

Immediately after a police officer pulls you over for DUI, they start making observations to find mistakes they can add to their report. For example, when a police officer pulls you over, they will observe if you will find a safe place to stop. If you stop in an unsafe location, you can be sure that the officer will include that in their report. Apart from watching if you will pull over in a safe place, they will check if, among other things, you slow down too abruptly or drive erratically.

Be Polite and Respectful

Whether you are drunk or not, it is crucial that you remain polite and respectful after getting pulled over by the police for DUI. Do not get angry or argumentative with the police, as that might only worsen things. Police officers are more likely to show leniency to you if you are polite and respectful. Additionally, remaining courteous and respectful after being pulled over for DUI can ensure that you do not face much scrutiny from law enforcement.


The other thing you should do when pulled over for DUI in New York is to cooperate with the police officer. However, even as you cooperate with the officer, remember not to say or do anything that might be used against you.

Invoke Your Right To Remain Silent

You have the right to remain silent. After getting pulled over for DUI in New York, ensure you invoke this right to avoid making incriminating statements. If an officer asks you a question and you feel answering the question could result in you incriminating yourself, politely decline to answer the question.

Ask To Speak to Your Attorney

Apart from invoking the Fifth Amendment, let the police officer know you want to speak to your attorney. You may not be entitled to legal counsel before deciding whether to submit to a chemical test, but the police are obligated to allow you to call an attorney if they start questioning you. Once you tell the officer you want to speak to your attorney, they will likely stop asking you questions. But even if they don’t stop, remember you are not obligated to answer police questions if you feel your answer will be used against you.

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