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Monthly Archives: February 2022


Federal Bank Fraud Crimes

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

In simple words, bank fraud is a type of white-collar crime that involves using deception to obtain property, including money from a financial institution. Like other fraud crimes, federal bank fraud crimes involve the use of a “scheme or artifice” to defraud. The scope of the phrase “scheme or artifice” is quite broad, and… Read More »

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New York Police Department Provides Citywide Crime Report For January 2022

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

On February 3rd, 2022, the NYPD gave the citywide crime report for January 2022. The data came the same day that President Biden visited New York City in response to the rise in violence. According to the NYPD, there was a 38.5% increase in the overall crime index in January 2022, as compared to… Read More »

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Can I Face Charges For The Same Crime In Both State Court And Federal Court?

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

While you may be familiar with the term “double jeopardy,” this doctrine is actually a bit more complex. Often, people assume that they cannot be charged and prosecuted in both a state court and federal court for the same offense because of the Double Jeopardy Clause. This is not entirely true. Suppose you were… Read More »

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What Does “Objection” Mean?

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

If you’re facing criminal charges and are about to go to trial, it is crucial for you to familiarize yourself with the terms you will hear being thrown around in court. One of the terms you will hear during your trial is the term “objection.” If you have ever watched a courtroom drama, you… Read More »

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Did You Confess To A Crime You Did Not Commit? Here’s What Can Happen

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

Many innocent people are currently behind bars because they confessed to crimes they did not commit. According to the Innocence Project, DNA evidence has overturned over 25% of wrongful convictions that involved false confessions. Because of the many innocent people who have ended up behind bars after making a false confession, you may be… Read More »

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Do I Still Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney If I Am Innocent?

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

Were you arrested and charged with committing a crime you did not commit? If so, you might be wondering whether you still need to hire an attorney even if you are innocent. If things were different, maybe there would be no need for you to hire an attorney. However, considering how many innocent people… Read More »

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What Is An Indictment?

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

In the U.S., a prosecutor can file a criminal complaint against an individual directly. However, in some states, New York included, and the federal system, when dealing with a felony, a prosecutor cannot file a complaint against an individual unless and until they present the charges to a grand jury and members of the… Read More »

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NYPD Officer Faces Hate Crime Assault Charges After Attacking Drunken Driver While Hurling Racist Insults

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

According to New York Daily News, on January 17th, 2022, an NYPD officer was charged after attacking another driver while hurling racist insults at him at Ocean Parkway and Church Ave, in Kensington. The 50-year-old officer filmed himself hurling the insults at the 32-year-old Uber driver and knocked the man out cold during his… Read More »

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