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Monthly Archives: October 2020


The Collapse of Your Ponzi Scheme Could Mean Spending the Rest of Your Life in Jail

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

Immediately you mention the term Ponzi scheme to a knowledgeable New Yorker, the name Bernie Madoff comes to their mind. Through his Ponzi scheme, Madoff defrauded thousands of people of billions of dollars. Bernie Madoff was sentenced to over a century in federal jail after confessing to operating a Ponzi scheme. Apart from being… Read More »

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J&F Investimentos to Pay Over $250 Million After Pleading Guilty to Bribery Charges: Learn About the FCPA

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

A recent case that saw the United States of America go against J&F Investimentos SA has shown how much the government takes seriously fighting corruption and upholding the code of conduct described in the Foreign Corruption Practices Act (FCPA). After a thorough investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section,… Read More »

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ICE Posing as Local Police to Arrest Immigrants In New York: Know Your Rights

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

The latest reports out of New York indicate that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are posing as local police in an effort to get around warrant requirements and enter peoples’ residences and surrounding areas in order to detain and arrest people, including DACA recipients. Statistics indicate that they recently arrested more than 170… Read More »

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When Juror Misconduct Leads Convictions to Be Reexamined

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

A ruling by the California Supreme Court in mid-October ordering the notorious case against Scott Peterson to be reexamined due to potential juror misconduct has captured news headlines of late, and brings into question under what circumstances convictions like these can be reexamined. Peterson’s death sentence was already previously reversed in August when the… Read More »

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Child Endangerment Charges Considered for Bronx Grandfather Based On Hospital Choice for Granddaughter

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

A recent arrest for child endangerment crimes made here in New York and corresponding charges contemplated by Bronx prosecutors highlights an inherent problem and conflict with one’s right to raise one’s child as one sees fit; a right that has been consistently upheld by the courts, including the US Supreme Court. In this particular… Read More »

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Proposed Rules Introduce Significant Complications for International Students & Immigrant Sponsors

By Mark I. Cohen, Esq. |

In late September and early October, the Department of Homeland Security, through US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), proposed two rules that will have a significant impact on a number of immigrants if they are finalized as currently drafted. The first imposes an artificially-set, fixed period of time that all international students can remain… Read More »

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